Welcome to my website on international economic law & policy

My name is Simon Lacey. I have specialized in the legal and policy aspects of international economic relations for over ten years now and this site is intended to serve as a resource for those similarly interested. First, a quote:

"The genius of the GATT was to recognize that the politics of trade policy is unavoidably mercantilist and then to harness this very mercantilism to avoid protectionist outcomes" - Mattoo & Subramanian


My research on international trade has focused mainly on trade and agriculture, trade in services, non-tariff barrriers, WTO dispute settlement and accession, with a growing body of work on issues such as state owned enterprises, trade and electronic commerce and trade and development.

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I have done quite a lot of teaching over the years, on a range of topics covering international economic law, trade policy, economic reform and development. Some of this teaching was done in the context of academic curricula, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Here I offer commentary and analysis on current events as they affect the world of international economic law and trade policy. A lot of these contributions focus on the substantive areas and regions that I know best, or on areas of particular research interest to me.

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