Life after Doha

my book chapter offerring some reflections prior to the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference on Bali

This is a book chapter that I wrote for an edited volume commissioned by the World Trade Institute in Berne, University Pelita Harapan and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), both in Jakarta.

My chapter discusses how the multilateral trading system came to become intractibly bogged down in the Doha Round but argues that the WTO is still the best organization the world has for tacking a number of increasingly pressing issues.

I actually felt that the editors of the book, particularly the people doing the typesetting, didn’t do a very good job of formatting my chapter which is why I prepared and published the version above as a flipbook.

The book in its entirety, entitled The Road to Bali, can be viewed by clicking on the link provided under the image of the book’s cover below.

This was the first substantive thing I worked on when I returned to Indonesia in early 2013 from Manila, where I had been working as a consultant at the Asian Development Bank (and the less said about that the better, tbh).

Interestingly enough I was able to serve on the Indonesian delegation at the Bali Ministerial Conference, which was a highlight of my career supporting and advising the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.