Cross-Border Data Flows: The impact of data localisation on IoT

Some research and advocacy on what governments can do to avoid undermining the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In late 2019 Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, who I had already cooperated on when writing the Digital Trade White Paper I authored at Huawei, approached me and asked if I would like to cooperate on another project, this time for GSMA, the industry association of the global mobile telephony industry.

The result, published only in January 2021, is the industry report provided in flipbook format below. This was a joint collaboration between Hosuk, Badri Narayanan and myself.

The abstract, featured below as a graphic, really says it all, namely that the massive economic gains that economies such as South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia could be expected to reap through the adoption of IoT technologies, could be critically undermined by the imposition of data localization requirements or other excessive restrictions on cross-border data flows.