Implementation of national broadband plans

Agreed Regulatory Principles and their Evolution

This paper is one of four that I wrote while I was in residence at the Georgetown University Law Center‘s Institute of International Economic Law, then still headed by the seminal founder of the field, John H. Jackson.

It was written as part of my LLM degree in a class on global telecommunications law, which proved to be a quite prescient choice of subject given the fact that I would be working at the world’s largest telecoms equipment vendor less than five years later. 

I recently came back to this paper, to read it in anticipation of some other research I am slated to do in future and find it oddly, even remarkably valuable, even ten years after it was first written. In many ways it’s a shame I didn’t  try and get it published in a journal or edited volume at the time, but I wasn’t as single-minded back in those days in wracking up a publication record, so I just contented myself to publish it on SSRN.

One particularly valuable nugget from the paper is quoted below, and is remarkable for the fact that it was written in 2011, since it describes in perfect detail the world we live in at the time of writing, ten years later.

Today, more than ever, information and data are rapidly emerging as both a new asset class, and as a source of raw power. The networks that carry this information and the suppliers that link endā€users to one another over these networks are at the heart of new ideological battles and geopolitical struggles that are being played out between many countries and across various goods and services markets.

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