Welcome to my portfolio website where I showcase some of my research, teaching and policy advocacy on trade, technology and public policy. 

My name is Simon Lacey and I teach international trade at the School of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Adelaide.

I’ve been working in the field of international trade and investment since the early 2000s and have advised sovereigns and corporates in more than 30 countries in regions as diverse as Central Asia; the Middle East; Western, Eastern and Central Europe; Sub-Saharan Africa; North and South America; and of course the region I know best, Asia-Pacific.

Originally from Sydney Australia, I was raised and educated in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, and most recently lived in China and before that Indonesia.

My interest in international trade dates back to the early 2000s when I started work at the World Trade Institute in Berne Switzerland, and quickly went on to take up leadership roles in both its executive education and government advisory arms. 

My interest in technology started really with the advent of the modern internet, so in the mid 1990s, but really came into its stride when I spent almost 5 years working in global government affairs at Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen, China.

That was also when I started to realize how important the interface between international trade and technology is to public policy more generally, since almost every aspect of government activity today touches upon broader international trade obligations. By the same token, the language of modern trade agreements that specifically addresses newer areas of international economic integration, is unmistakably informed and characterised by the priorities of signatory governments across all related areas of domestic regulation. 

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